Titan IPA

American India Pale Ale

Great Divide Brewing Co. (Denver, CO)

7.1% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4 out of 5

Ok, hop heads, here’s another oldie-but-goodie from Denver. Great Divide Brewing has a lot of good beers -like Orabelle- and their Titan IPA is certainly one of them. Available most places around town here in Denver, there’s plenty to like if you’re into IPAs, which are a must have for any brewery.

I’m not going to try and fluff this beer up as something it isn’t. If you’ve drank any number of IPAs you can tell that the style is pretty set as far as most breweries go. Variation isn’t the name of the game because it’s a go-to beer at most places and you kind of have a general expectation of what you’re getting when you order one.

Copper coloring, foamy head, malt and pine notes. Oh that pine, I love it. The Titan has a bit more than some others as far as that pine flavor and smell goes. The citrus is in there on tasting. It isn’t too bitter either, with it coming up front and not lingering too long afterwards in the mouth. I drink a lot of IPAs and this is one I buy frequently because I like it and I know what I’m getting.

Great Divide’s Titan IPA is one you can’t go wrong with and you can find readily available in area liquor stores. I usually drink Great Divide brews at the Summit Music Hall or the Roxy during shows because they have them on tap. Just look for the Spartan silhouette and find yourself home.

Three jams while drinking Titan IPA:

Axeslasher – “Woodland Tortuary” from Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1

Fluisteraars – “De Laatste Verademing” from Luwte

Alda – “The Clearcut” from Passage