Hop Abomination

India Pale Ale

Dry Dock Brewing Co. (Aurora, CO)

6.5% ABV | 70 IBU

Kvlt Rating: 4 out of 5

This is one of my all-day beers. I could drink this anytime, anywhere and enjoy every mouthful of hoppy deliciousness.

Now, Hop Abomination is by no means an amazing beer. But it is simple, well done and readily available because Dry Dock Brewing, a premier Colorado craft brewery, is right around the corner from my house. It’s my neighborhood brewery and I am very happy that it is. They were also my first introduction to craft beer back in 2006 before it truly was it’s own scene.

Back to the IPA. Poured from the can or the tap, it comes out a golden copper with a thick head that leaves behind some sticky lacing. There are malt and floral notes present, though I don’t get very much of the citrus that other people identify. They’re there, just very weak in presence.

On tasting, there’s a tasty pine flavor and malty hops are present, it has that distinct IPA bitterness that comes with the territory, but it is more subdued than other IPAs I drink, such as Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi or Breckenridge Brewing’s IPA. Hop Abomination goes down smooth because the bitterness is up front. The taste also hangs in the back of the throat a bit. Just wash it away with more.

Here’s the can description:

“A hoppy warship of an IPA. Massive amounts of floral, citrus and tropical hop flavors lurk beneath ivory whitecaps, swirling amid glowing golden seas, waiting to conquer your palate with their bitter deliciousness. Our take on an American favorite.”

Like I said, this is my go-to beer and while it is one of their standard flagship beers, I know I can depend on it if I find myself lost at sea in their brewery -drifting among limited release or taproom only beers- I can latch onto Hop Abomination and be safe.

Here were three jams while drinking Hop Abomination:

Nightbringer – “I am the Gateway” from Ego Dominus Tuus

Metal Church – “Metal Church” from Metal Church

Havok – “Worse Than War” from Unnatural Selection