Axeslasher, a death/thrash outfit out of Denver, have only had this one release, but it’s a banger. “Tongue-in-cheek” has been used numerous times to describe their album and image. I’ll second those that said as much. I mean, their defacto-logo is a fucking pizza pentagram (pizzagram) which has since been copied by many others on the ol’ Internet. How much more tongue-in-cheek can you get? Eat Pizza, Worship Satan. Come on, who can’t love that?

There’s Thrash, death growls and shouty lyrics about wiping out humans, death worms, murder, Satan and witches, what more do you need? That’s what 2013’s Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1 is all about.

“Professor Pizza,” Justin Lascelle, has a killer voice that does double duty like some other frontmen providing us with the shouty thrash voice and the death growl, which serves mostly as the backup voice on the tracks. The riffs Lascelle cuts are also good, real tasty thrash riffs that come through clear and shred flesh from face.

It’s also worth noting that they found themselves involved in one the coolest indie film projects of the year that is right up most of our dark, shady alley: “Deathgasm.” The album’s intro, “Mark of the Pizzagram,” was included as the intro music for the New Zealand metal and mayhem movie that easily could’ve been part of the Evil Dead series.

Anyways, go pick Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1 from them because who needs a label when you can do it yourself.

Favorite track: “Invasion of the Babesnatchers”