Rince Cochon

Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Roman N.V. (Belgium)

8.5% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4 out of 5

I didn’t wander too far away from the Grisette in my last post as I was given a bottle of Roman N.V.’s Rince Cochon, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale from Belgium. I don’t normally like Belgian Strongs, but I really enjoyed this one.

Poured from a bottle that had been cellared I’d say about six months to a year from purchase, it came out a nice pale straw yellow and was relatively clear in the glass. The head was thick and foamy but didn’t stick around for long. The picture above has a shadow over the glass, so it looks darker. Lesson learned on picture taking.

The bottle note was strong Belgian yeast with some bready scent and was the same in the glass. On tasting those same properties still came through as well as a hint of a green apple. The taste of alcohol itself started becoming more pronounced once the beer warmed from its chill.

The taste of the beer was very light, I assume the aging calmed down that “strong” taste I’m used to from other Belgian Strongs. I detected a bit of a coriander taste as well on the finish after sometime. I found Rince Cochon very easy to drink and I would like to try it from a fresher, less aged bottle for comparison.

Here were three jams while drinking Rince Cochon:

Dodsferd – “I Was Welcome Only by Death” from Fucking Your Creation

Darkthrone – “Det Svartner Na” from Hate Them

Grand Magus – “The Hunt” from The Hunt