If you’re not familiar with Horn, the one man, German black metal project by Nerrath, his new album Feldpost is the perfect time to get on board. Horn always delivers incredible music and I consider his 2008 album Naturkraft to be a black metal classic (with 2013’s Konflikt not to far behind).

While Horn typically plays a pagan/folk, nature infused form of black metal, Feldpost is a collection of songs based on the idea of letters being written from the trenches of the world wars. “Feldpost” itself is the German military mail service so with the nature of the album, the music takes on a more somber tone, fittingly. There’s still the amazing, grand arching quality of Horn’s beautiful black metal but covered in a layer of sorrow. It never really reaches a furious pace, content in the mid-paced sections with a couple bursts of speed here and there. The addition of the clean vocals mixed with the black metal roar is stunning, as is the entirety of this album.

Horn is putting out some of the most interesting and well-written black metal around, not to mention Nerrath also kills it on the doom metal front with his other one-man band Latitude Egress, and collaboration with Cross Vault, who have a new album out (somewhere) as well. You really can’t go wrong with Horn.

Horn’s newest album, Feldpost, is available now from Northern Silence Productions.