Prepare to have your face blasted right off your skull. Revenge has released their newest album and it takes absolutely no prisoners.

Revenge is something that you need to hear to believe. Mere words can barely describe the metal assault that this band unleashes so bear that in mind while reading this, but first let’s start at the beginning…

Canada is no stranger to metal and has produced some incredible bands ranging across all genres of metal. On the more extreme end, the country has produced three of the most intense metal bands. Blasphemy got this ball rolling with their war-infused, death-filled, machine gun, firing black/death metal. Their guitarist, Ryan Forster (or as he was known in Blasphemy, “Deathlord” of Abomination & War Apocalypse), would go on to form Conqueror, another take no prisoners, black/death metal band with vocalist, drummer James Read and guitarist, vocalist Vermin. James and Vermin would then go on to form Revenge alongside Peter Helmkamp (of the incredible Angelcorpse), who would later leave the band. Now, I would suggest listening to all these bands but since we’re talking about Revenge, let’s get into that.

Behold.Total.Rejection is the bands fifth album and true to form, it’s fucking incredible. When we’re talking about extreme music, few bands get as extreme as Revenge. Their music is so completely chaotic, savage, crushingly heavy, that it’ll make your fucking jaw drop in amazement. “War” metal is a term thrown around with this band and while the idea of “war” metal is not new and may conjure up the sounds of Bolt Thrower and their battle devoted, death metal mastery, the “war” part is more of a nod to the sound of the music, debatably started with Conqueror. Revenge sounds like what it must be like to be in war.

It may sound like chaos but there is an underlining musical mastery that holds this whole thing together, something Revenge are experts at doing and this new album is no different. The vocals are belted out at either high pitched shrieks, or low, gurgled growls and they change it up on you as fast as the riffing and drums. There’s no concern for your well being here. It literally assaults you, and it’s fucking amazing.

On a side note, I saw them perform live earlier this year and while they opened for seasoned black metal-ers Watain and Mayhem, Revenge stole the show. Just like this album there’s no fucking around, no mid-song talking, no appealing to the crowd. They just fucking go, stop and walk off the stage. It’s a sight to behold so if they’re in your neck of the woods, go see them.

Revenge’s newest album Behold.Total.Rejection is available now from Season of Mist.