Grey Watcher

Grisette – Tart Farmhouse Ale

TRVE Brewing Company (Denver, CO)

4.7% ABV

Kvlt Rating: 4.5 out of 5

TRVE Brewing Co. - Grey Watcher Grisette.
TRVE Brewing Co. – Grey Watcher Grisette.

A beer from TRVE Brewing seemed an appropriate starting point for Brewminations. Sitting on South Broadway in Denver, TRVE has carved out a niche as a place that is not just about beer but is a lot about metal. Any day the staff spins whatever they feel like playing. The last time I was in there, they had Panopticon and The Sword on while I plowed through tasters of every beer they had on tap with Kevin Gentilcore, one of which was Grey Watcher.

If you’re of the uninitiated, TRVE is owner Nick Nunn’s headbanging brainchild where he wanted to break the mold by brewing beers that can’t be typecast as any one particular style. I like plenty of their beers, the Grey Watcher being a top favorite.

On to the beer itself. Grey Watcher is one of TRVE’s beers that they sell in-house as a four-pack and also distribute locally. As stated above, it is a Grisette-style farmhouse ale that has been kettle soured. In a glass, it has a hazy honey color with a foamy head that settles quickly unlike the pit at the show you may be heading to. The beer is tart with an astringent finish that has a bit of spice in it. Don’t bother trying to find an official description because TRVE doesn’t tell you a damn thing. It is a “figure it out for yourself and interpret it as you think you can” kind of beer. That suits their style.

Using what I can assume is a Brett yeast, it has a bready and sour taste that is fruity with a light to medium body. As is typical of a farmhouse ale, I would recommend it as a summer beer simply for its sour, fruity flavor profile and lighter body, but I’d drink this anytime. Grab a pint at their brewery or try to find it at a liquor store in Denver.

What will also be a staple of this blog is a sample of what we were listening to when we drank the beers we review. Here were the first three jams -courtesy of my Pandora metal channel- while drinking Grey Watcher:

Incantation “Unto Infinite Twilight” from Diabolical Conquest

Bolt Thrower – “Rebirth of Humanity” from Warmaster

Hooded Menace – “Effigies of Evil” from Effigies of Evil